We are a local business only working local.

It's the only way we can give you the attention and service you deserve.


We are a smaller company working primarily in the San Tan Valley, Queen Creek areas. We are purposely not working all over both counties. We only intend to build about 2 - 3 pools per month just as we did in Northern California so that we will not need to bring on a sales force and field superintendents and try to expect them to care about what we are doing the same way we do. We are only working this S.E. corner of the Valley so that we can get to our job sites easily in order to personally oversee the construction and to be able to get to you quickly in the event you have an issue with your pool.

Our commitment to you is to build the absolute finest pool possible within the budget that you have set aside for your project.

We are making the best materials available for you to choose from for your project, we have lined up the best craftsmen and crews in the area to construct your pool and we use what we consider to be the best pool equipment available which, based on our years of experience in the industry, is Hayward Pool Equipment.

From the Owner:

I have a fair amount of experience in the pool industry. I started out doing swimming pool rebar in the 80's. I then did 15 yrs in the earth-moving industry as a grade checker and heavy equipment operator, then started and operated California Heartland Pools and Spas in Northern California from 2001 until relocating here to Arizona in 2011. I worked for a couple of the local pool companies here in Arizona when I first arrived in the area in order to know and understand the Arizona pool industry so I am very familiar with this local pool industry.

I now have the opportunity to do things a little differently than some of what’s trending in the region and one item will be the way we construct our decking. We will only be offering Travertine of Belgard Paver type decking instead of the typical "cool deck" due to the problems with concrete decking such as cracking and lifting due to expansive soil. Pavers can move with the ground if you have any movement or swelling of the soil. See more here. Pavers also have a nicer more natural look than the standard cool deck concrete and as you will see pavers are a big part of our more natural and more relaxed theme.

Along with cool deck there are other things we would rather not do and for very good reasons. If a particular feature has a regular tendency to crack, badly fade, leak or produce efflorescence as certain features in particular do then we do not desire to be the contractor that built those items when you are making the call to complain about the deficiency. Those items are addressed individually in other sections of the website.

We only desire to build you an amazing pool that will be as problem free and last as long as possible with absolute minimum maintenance. If you happen to have your heart set on some of those features that we are not interested in putting our signature on please do not be disheartened, as there are over 700 other pool builders in the region eagerly waiting to take your money for just about anything you want to do.

If you are looking for someone to build you a beautiful very well built pool please give us a call. 480 580 8680