When it comes to installing a Spa the San Juan Spa Shell with definitely save you money, especially if doing a "stand alone spa" that is not going in along with a pool due to those "subcontractor minimums" mentioned in the Construction section. We can also put many more jets in one of these shells as they are pre plumbed at the factory. We will have "split level jets", more sets of jets, much more comfortable seating and very nice colors to choose from.

During a gunite spa build for a plumber to drop down in a dirt hole and plumb all those split level multiple jet configurations on site is a real chore and it will cost you. You will normally never be offered more than the 5 or so jets that you get with a "base spa" unless you ask for and are willing to pay for more.

For optimal use a spa is best placed up close to the house as it many times is used late at night. The spa is very nice to use during the winter months. A hot bath on a cold night.

Spas as a rule though are normally placed at the back of the pool because many customers want a spa mainly to have it spill into the pool as a water feature. It then has to be raised out of the ground. Then the exterior walls will need to be thicker so a bench can go on top, it has to have stucco, tile or stone surrounds, some kind of double bullnose decking or seating around the top of it, and your cost just escalated drastically. When on the back side of the pool you have the spa as far as you can put it from the house. Put it where you want it, just understand the differences.