These San Juan Pools are an Outstanding Choice if you are Planning to have a Pool of 350 Square Feet or Less.

Gunite Pools have roughly a 350 - 400 Square Foot Cost as a minimum. The gunite itself can have an 18 Yd Min, Plaster Prices will begin at 350 or 400 Sq Ft. Tile has about an 80 Per Ft starting point etc.

So you will end up paying for a 350 or 400 Sq Ft Pool even if your only building a 250 Sq Ft Pool for example.

But the San Juan Shells do continue to drop in cost according to size. Installation continues to drop with size. Ease of installation gets better the smaller you go. You may be able to set the shell with the backhoe that dug the pool in some cases.

Cranes can get expensive fast if you need to utilize one. And also depending on access.

A Large San Juan will need a crane. A Large San Juan can be hard to level. If you have to start reaching over houses you can end up having a 70 Ton Crane due to the reach, not the weight of the Shell. The biggest shells are not even much over 2000 Lbs. But as soon as a Crane has to reach much the size of the crane increases significantly due to it's own limitations.

A Crane will have a 4 Hr Min. that includes travel time. Sometimes you can set a pool fairly quickly when all goes as planned. As soon as you have to start pulling the shell out to re-level the base sand or anything like that time can slip away quick.


If you are planning on doing your own pool we can set you up with a Shell, all the Pool Equipment, some of the Subcontractors and a Set of Plans.

You will need Plans even for a Drop In Pool. You will need a Set of Permit Plans to turn in to the City or County to get your Building Permits.

We can help you with everything you need.