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Swimming Pool Construction - Landscape - Hardscape Loans.

The Type of Loan and Loan Amount will determine which of the following options is going to best fit your Project.

Many of you will already have cash or financing and that is great. If you do need a source of funding just look over the selections below but go to the websites for the most current information and I recommend calling the contacts listed to discuss your particular situation before submitting anything online.

Paramount Pool Financing. Simplified

    Pool Financing. Simplified

Your loan app does not just get fired off into cyberspace for an instant approval or denial. Actual humans look at it closely to determine exactly which lender will better meet your needs.

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Paramount Capital Can Help Make Your Dream Pool Become a Reality.

  • Unsecured term loan programs (no equity required)
  • Equity programs
  • Low fixed and variable rates
  • Lender programs available in all 50 states
  • Additional cash out
  • Zero or low closing cost programs (lender and state specific)
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • WE DO NOT pull your credit so there is no impact on your credit score





Low Rates and Fees

FirstBank has very competitive rates and we work hard to keep closing costs low.

Our Bankers Can Make Decisions

Unlike most lenders, our bankers have the power to make most loan decisions.

More Flexibility to Approve Loans

Sometimes, common sense loans can't be approved under Fannie Mae or FHA guidelines. But because we hold many of our loans in our own portfolio, at FirstBank we have the flexibility to consider loans that may not be approved under standard guidelines.

Loans That Close Quickly

We know you don't want to drag out the mortgage process, so we work hard to make sure our in-house loan processing is quick and painless.

Many Solutions Offered

No matter who you are, we offer a mortgage solution to fit your situation. From fixed and adjustable rate options, to down payment assistance for qualified borrowers, FirstBank has a mortgage plan that's right for you.

Stress-Free Mortgages


Historically-low mortgage rates mean that now is the perfect time to consider refinancing. Even if you have recently refinanced, you could have the opportunity to lower your rates even further.

Or if you're looking to build a pool or put some cash in your pocket, ask us about receiving cash back from your home.

Home equity loans the way they should be: fair and honest, with competitive rates and minimal fees.

Home Equity Installment Loan

Borrow a specific amount and make fixed payments over a certain period of time.

  • 3 to 15-year terms
  • $3,000 minimum loan amount

Home Equity Line of Credit

Have money available when you need it with no interest until you use it.

  • Up to 10-year terms
  • $5,000 minimum loan amount

Home Equity Cash Reserve

Protect your account from overdrafts, make purchases, or obtain cash when you need it.

  • Up to 10-year terms
  • Variable loan amounts

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A Note about Your Pool Project Budget

Many people come to the table to discuss a pool project and state that they do not already have a budget. Sometimes they really do not. Many times they are afraid to disclose the amount. They are afraid the pool salesman will try to spend all of the money on the table. Rest assured it is usually the complete opposite. What the sales person is doing is trying not to design more pool than you can afford or are willing to pay for. If your budget is known then a pool can be designed to fit or to not exceed that budget amount. It's never fun to have to begin yanking features from a design or shrinking pool or decking sq footage in order to make a pool fit a previously "unknown budget" Because once the project price is on the table people all of a sudden know what they do not want to spend.

So one way or another please be prepared to discuss budget numbers. When you go out to buy a house and are prepared to spend $250,000 for example you are not going to waste your time looking at $600,000 + estate lot homes. It's the same with pools.

Also when you begin to shop for your pool builder beware of asking what the average pool will cost. You will get sometimes unrealistic numbers as they are afraid of scaring you away. Also the number has big variables. To give you too high a number runs you off and if you are given a low number that is not realistic to your desired project you can be confused or disappointed when an accurate cost has been calculated based on spending the time required to determine the actual project specifics.

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