The Shotcrete Shell is the Main Structural Component of your Pool.

This page is where you will find information on Pool Shell Construction.


The Concrete Shell


The shell of your pool. when you have a concrete shell, will be shotcrete type construction. Shotcrete batches are normally mixed by computer at a ready-mix plant, and are taken to the site wet (water has already been introduced). This is intended to create an even consistency of water content in the entire batch, as well as increase consistency across multiple batches. This will make the overall strength in all parts of the structure more uniform.

Pool Shell Construction

Your concrete shell is the strength of your pool. The shell has a rebar (steel re enforcing bars) basket the same shape as the finished pool. That rebar and the proper mix of shotcrete as prescribed by the structural engineering plans are what make the pool shell last forever. The rebar and extra rebar and proper mix are your real structural guarantee.


Pool Shell Structural Engineering

Your pool shell will be built according to very specific structural engineering. You will be required to provide a set of these structural plans to the city or county when your building permits are applied for. We will take care of that for you.

See Structural Detail Sheet Here

Swimming Pool Rebar

Swimming Pool Gunite

Swimming Pool Plaster

Swimming Pool Plaster 2

Above you are seeing the "icing going on the cake".

The pool will get the "interior finish". The finish will be either a form of white plaster or some type of pebble finish. Plaster is the least expensive but will only last maybe 12 yrs or so. The life of the plaster can vary greatly based on how well the water chemistry is maintained so the warranty will be short.

Pebble interiors come in a fairly wide variety of types and colors. There will be links below to the different pebble and tile websites so you can continue your education on those materials. For pebble you will usually have 3 choices of a slightly larger although still small polished stone pebble material, a finer pebble, usually a crushed stone material and then a polished pebble interior that is very smooth but does cost more due to the final polishing step of the process. The warranty for pebble is much longer.