Your Pool Tile and Interior Finish Options

Your Pool will have many amazing selections to choose from when it comes to the Waterline Tile and the Interior Finish.

Below you will see some Tile Samples. I do recommend 6" Solid Tiles so you do not have a grout line in the tile right at the waterline. The pool water will be right about the middle of your tile line. Water deposits will be harder to clean but do not let this opinion be a deal breaker if you see another tile that you love. It's a maintenance only issue but my goal is to build for you a pool that is as low maintenance as possible.

Click on the images to follow the links to the respective websites for more info and selection choices.



Here are the WetEdge Interior Finish Options for your Pool.

We install the WetEdge® Brand Interior Finish much more than PebbleTec because of the great availability of nice blues and light colors that many people are looking for in a pool finish. There is just a huge selection and array of blues to choose from with the WetEdge® Finishes.

When you have time watch the videos because you need to know how your pool water color is affected by water depth, color selection, lighting etc. The Waterline Tile and the Interior Finish selection are critical choices for the finished look of your pool.

There are fairly drastic price differences on certain Tiles and certain Interior Finishes. You will find the price differences for the Interior Finishes understandable but on the Tile there is no rhyme or reason most times why one tile costs so much more than another but that is the way it has always been. The Tile is the "icing on the cake" so when you are looking at a tile that is only 1 or 2 dollars more per foot at 80 or 90 perimeter feet average that really is not a lot of money for a tile that you really love.

Click here to see a very helpful PDF on WetEdge Water Color Selection