Pool Design Options for Your Outdoor Living Area

Our Design Model is purposely a little more relaxed or natural setting as far as the pool surroundings. We do a very well equipped and finished pool by design.  We offer you Interior Finish Options that we consider the Best of the Industry so your pool will be beautiful. We are offering a theme that will include along with your pool, a more natural like setting of plants and trees or palms, possibly a rock waterfall rather than large hardscape items such as ramadas and other masonry structures but our goal will be to build for you whatever you desire.

Our design will usually incorporate a pool of really any shape, and the decking can be Travertine or Belgard Pavers if you want to get away from the standard concrete cool decking for a more uncommon look.

The pool perimeter or edge can have a coping of some type such as Travertine Coping, Paver Coping, Pre Cast Concrete Coping or a 16" Wide Poured In Place Colored Concrete Band. See the Hardscape - Decking Section to see the options.

So since our theme and what we are offering to build is more natural by design your budget will go much further as far as getting a completed backyard environment for the amount that you have decided to invest in your project. Softscape is always much more affordable than big hardscape and goes in much quicker and is very easily modified, changed or improved upon or updated later.