Our Design Model and Pool Design Options

Our Design Model is purposely a little more natural. We do a very well equipped and finished pool by design. We are actually accustomed to doing slightly larger and deeper pools than the smaller shallow pools that are the trend in the region if that is what you end up desiring. We offer you Interior Finish Options that we consider the Best of the Industry. We are offering a theme that will include along with your pool, a more natural like setting of plants and trees or palms, possibly a rock waterfall rather than large hardscape items such as ramadas and other masonry structures.

Belgard Mega Arbel

Our design will usually incorporate a pool of really any shape, and the decking can be Travertine or Belgard Pavers if you want to get away from the standard concrete cool decking for a more uncommon look.

The pool perimeter or edge can have a coping of some type such as Travertine Coping, Paver Coping, Pre Cast Concrete Coping or a 16" Wide Poured In Place Colored Concrete Band. See the Hardscape - Decking Section to see the options.

Other than a 16" wide perimeter band which is great we prefer not to do concrete pool decking. There can be problems with concrete pool decks even when everything is done correctly. See the Construction Details section and the Hardscape Options page for more info.

So since our theme and what we are offering to build is more natural by design your calculated budget will go much further with this theme as far as getting a completed backyard environment for the budget amount that you have decided to invest in your project. Softscape is always much more affordable than big hardscape and goes in much quicker and is very easily modified, changed or improved upon or updated later.

And do not be dismayed, if the expensive hardscape theme or the backyard theme park is your desire, there are over 700 other pool contractors in the region very eager to serve you. We just do not want to be in your backyard for all those months enduring all the headaches that come with the complex projects.

Note on Complex Jobs:

I have had the experience of working for a couple of the local pool companies when I first came to Arizona in order to lean the local industry. These were companies with fairly strong reputations and images and they did the whole backyard concept with ramada's and other large engineered structures. And after that I would say if you have a ramada or other major accessory as part of your plan it would be my recommendation to you that you find a separate General Contractor to handle that before or after the pool is built. A pool builder will get very tied up doing your pool along with other large structural items. They only have so many crews and a large complex job can go on for most the summer or even longer in many cases. The companies I worked with were companies with very solid reputations but you will have a very different view when you are on the inside looking out. They tend to overload themselves with projects, can take a long time to get the project started and a long time to get the project finished. You can go weeks or more without seeing a crew in your yard on a regular basis.

Simply Natural Pools is not here to set records on how many pools we build or to do back yard theme parks. I love building pools, it is one of the things I do well and I have other sources of income as well so we will only be doing 2 - 3 pools at any one time. Nothing will get out of control and everything gets done in a very timely manner with very close supervision (by me).